Historical Facts

• The area now known as Pinellas County was first inhabited by the Timucua Indians, one of the four tribes in Florida.

275LargoTheatre•Built in the 1860’s, Anona Church is the oldest church in continuous use in Pinellas County.

•Anona School on Indian Rocks Road is the oldest continuous named school in what is now Pinellas County, going back to the early 1870’s.

• What is now the City of Largo was first settled along the banks of McKay Creek in 1843 by Captain George McKay and his brothers Alex and Charles McKay. The Town of Largo was granted a charter by the State in 1905.

•The first commercial area of Largo was started by Captain John Thomas Lowe just south of McKay Creek in 1859. Lowe’s Landing was the center of lumber, cattle, salt and citrus trading in the area until the railroad came in the 1880’s.

During the War Between the States Lowe’s Landing was sacked and burned by Federal Yankee Sailors who had sailed into Clear Water Harbor the day before and burned two coastal schooners.

•When incorporated as a Town in 1905 Largo had 200 residents; the 2000 Census listed the population as 69,371 residents. It is estimated in 2008 that approximately 80,000 people call Largo home.

• Largo was officially incorporated in 1905 and in 1913 became the first town in Florida – and second in the nation – to adopt a town manager form of government.

•In 1948, Largo’s new movie theater was in a Quonset hut. The first movie Largo Theater shown was “Buck Private Come Home” starring Bud Abbott and Lou Costello.

•Coldest temperature ever recorded in this area was 18 degrees on December 18,1962. Hottest temperature was 99.3 degrees in June of 1985. Hottest in the State of Florida was recorded at Monticello on June 29, 1931, 109 degrees. Coldest was -2 at Tallahassee on February 13, 1899.

•Highest land point in Largo is at the corner of Jasper and Missouri, 76 feet above sea level. Lowest is sea level at several points along the Largo Narrows and along Tampa Bay.

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